Headshot of Ramiro CamposRamiro Campos
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Medgar Evers College, CUNY

Ramiro Campos was born in Brooklyn to parents from Nicaragua and Costa Rica. He received his MA in Geography after having some unconventional travel throughout Latin America. His initial turn towards Latin America came after the multi-faceted protest movements against the neoliberal economic shocks in Peru and Bolivia. He later began to study urban morphology in Latin America, which in turn led him to study migration and transnationalism. More recently, he has begun to research why global climate change has actually worsened despite the best efforts and intentions of local institutions and the United Nations.  He uses political ecology and ecofeminism to examine the social construction of nature and population in an attempt to help reformulate efforts of achieving social and climate justice. He is particularly interested in how marginalized people recreate space and resist climate change.