For information about media access at Medgar Evers College, contact the following members of the Office of Institutional Advancement and Communications as follows:

Jennifer James
Executive Director
Communications, Government, and External Relations

Giulia Prestia
Associate Director
External Communications and College Relations

The Office of Communications & Marketing serves as the College's primary liaison with the media. Our media relations team is responsible for disseminating public information, facilitating interviews with students, faculty, and staff; seeking positive coverage for the College's programs and activities; and responding to requests from journalists. We make every effort to accommodate members of the media interested in attending campus events or otherwise covering the college.

The College welcomes members of the media to public events on our campus. Journalists who wish to attend an event at Medgar Evers College should contact the Office of Communications & Marketing at least 24 hours in advance in order to facilitate their visit. Most often, a contact person is indicated on a press release or media advisory.

Broadcast news crews are allowed to film on campus with permission of the Office of Communications & Marketing. To film classes, the permission of the teaching faculty member and the Office of Communications & Marketing is required. The College reserves the right to place reasonable limitations on media access, which may include restricting cameras and recording devices, requiring press credentials, or coordinating a press pool.

Event organizers who wish to contact members of the external media in order to request coverage and/or invite journalists should coordinate in advance with the Office of Communications & Marketing. Such notification will enable Medgar Evers College to accommodate media coverage in the appropriate manner.

Student reporters from our campus-based authorized student media outlets are not required to provide advance notice or coordinate with the Office of Institutional Advancement and Communications. Such student reporters may attend any college event by following the standard registration instructions, if required. They may access any event by presenting a college-issued student press pass, which will be provided to each registered student media organization by the Division of Student Affairs.

Members of the media, including student journalists acting in their official capacity, may not be granted access to campus activities where confidentiality is required.
Medgar Evers College does not discriminate against members of the media on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, national or ethnic origin, citizenship, disability, veteran or marital status.