The Medgar Evers College Office of Communications & Marketing is responsible for implementing both the internal and external communications strategies for the College. Below are the four departments that support the college through development, media coverage, events, and alumni relations.



Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations builds a solid foundation between Medgar Evers College and its alumni by offering services to foster a lifelong relationship, providing benefits and services to support them in the promotion and advancement of the College.

Internal Communications

Internal Communications serves as Medgar Evers College’s in-house marketing agency and partners with the academic and administrative units to promote awareness of the College’s brand.

External Communications

Our media relations team is responsible for disseminating public information, facilitating interviews with students, faculty, and staff; seeking positive coverage for the College’s programs and activities; and responding to requests from journalists.


Office of Development works to expand awareness of achievements and new developments at MEC.

Space Reservations

The Space Reservations and Media Services team provide a range of audio-visual equipment support for campus events, conferences and meetings.


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