Welcome to the Office of Risk Management & Internal Control

Our Office supports the College’s mission by functioning primarily as a consulting center, especially for issues identified through its risk management and audit activities.

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors expect our campus to operate efficiently, comply with regulations, and safely deliver the educational experience that empowers our students and all other stakeholders.

To meet this expectation, we are committed to safeguarding against financial and reputational losses that may result from improper procedures or the lack thereof and the absence of training, preparedness, and inadequate controls.  Additionally, the Office actively Identifies and mitigates operational risks to reduce operating costs commonly associated with improved efficiency.

3 Key Services

  • Conducts internal targeted assessments and administers college’s relations with external audit bodies
  • Conducts risk management initiative for MEC business continuity programs
  • Promote a culture of transparency, accountability and controlled environment


Goldene Lewis, Director
E-mail: goldene@mec.cuny.edu
1150 Carroll Street, Brooklyn New York 11225

Collects and analyze data, create reports, metrics, risk assessments, and controls; develop creative solutions and present information in a comprehensible manner

Establishes and implements guidelines for a system of internal controls. Review and recommend updates to policy statements and standards

Evaluates the adequacy and efficiency, of emergency protocols and internal control policies and practices.

Collaborates with leadership to put practices in place that will reduce risks factors related to fiscal and administrative matters, fixed assets and inventorial controls.

Stays abreast of CUNY policies, and applicable regulatory regulations and legislation to determine risk exposure and the impact on the College activities.

We encourage the sharing of any observations related to risk identification or operational efficiency that our many stakeholders may have.


MEC Standards for Internal Control New York State requires State agencies to maintain a controlled environment conducive to the protection of public assets, sound financial stewardship and accountability.  The Office of Risk Management and Internal Control operates in conjunction with CUNY Office of Internal Audit & Management Services.  Therefore the policies, rules and regulations satisfy the NYS and CUNY standards for Internal Control.




Standards for Internal Control in New York State Government

Manager’s guide to Internal Controls



CUNY Office of Internal Audit & Management Services

U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)

New York State Internal Control Association

Association of Colleges and Universities Auditors

Association of Governmental Accountants

Institute of Internal Auditors

Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission