Welcome to the Office of Risk Management & Internal Control

Three Key Services:

  • Conducts internal targeted assessments and directs the College’s relations with external auditing bodies
  • Facilitates risk management initiatives for MEC business continuity programs
  • Promotes a culture of transparency, accountability, and security

Our department supports the College’s mission by functioning as a consulting center, especially for issues identified through its risk management and audit activities.

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors expect our campus to operate efficiently, in compliance with regulations, and safely deliver the educational experience for our students and all other stakeholders.

In keeping with those expectations, we are committed to avoiding financial and reputational losses that may arise from improper procedures or the lack thereof, the absence of training, levels of preparedness, and/or inadequate controls. Additionally, our department identifies and mitigates operational risks to reduce operating costs typically associated with the improvement of business practices.

We welcome the sharing of any observations related to risk identification or operational efficiency that our many stakeholders may have.

On behalf of our team and our many partners, we thank you for allowing us to join you on your Medgar Evers journey.


Goldene Lewis, Director
E-mail: goldene@mec.cuny.edu
1150 Carroll Street, Brooklyn New York 11225


New York State requires State agencies to maintain a controlled environment conducive to the protection of public assets and accountability. In keeping with these requirements, we actively collaborate with CUNY Officer of Internal Audit & Management Services. The links below provide helpful resources that our community can use to expand knowledge as well as practices to achieve the environment.

Standards for Internal Control in New York State Government

Manager’s Guide to Internal Controls