Giving Together Moves Us Forward

Prof. Micah CrumpProfessor Micah E. S. Crump

Medgar Evers College students have unlimited potential. With your support, there is no telling how far they can go. MEC Professor Micah E. S. Crump shares why he donates to MEC’s #CUNYTuesday campaign.

“The best way to connect with the students is to care about them, and If you care about them, how can you not turn that care into action?  That is why I need to support #CUNYTuesday. Paying it forward is essential. I received full merit-based scholarships while pursuing my undergraduate, MBA, and Ph.D. degrees, and I’m clear on the difference it made in helping me achieve my goals. We are blessed with something a lot of our students want, and what better way to pay it forward than by supporting a giving campaign that supports them?

Your giving makes student success stories possible. Please consider donating to Medgar Evers College’s #CUNYTuesday campaign and support our deserving students.