Giving Together Moves Us Forward

Venice Ishibashi fullAlumna Venice Ishibashi

Medgar Evers College students have unlimited potential. With your support, there is no telling how far they can go. MEC Alumna Venice Ishibashi shares her success story and why she donated to MEC’s #CUNYTuesday campaign.

“Medgar Evers College has done so much for me. As a high school dropout, I never thought I would attend college. I passed the GED after my fifth attempt, and although nervous, I decided to attend Medgar Evers College and became a part of the ASAP program. That changed my life. I had the support I needed to succeed academically and personally. My family was the victim of an apartment fire while I was a student, and the College stepped in to give me the support I needed so that I didn’t have to stop my education. I graduated with honors in 2019 and gained full-time employment with a company I had interned with while I was a student. Medgar Evers College changed my life’s trajectory, which is why I always say Jamaica birthed me, America raised me, but Medgar made me. The resources available at this school make it possible for you to succeed. I will always encourage students to consider Medgar Evers College, and I will never stop supporting this institution.”

Your giving makes student success stories possible. Please consider donating today to Medgar Evers College’s #CUNYTuesday campaign and support our deserving students.