The Executive Board of the College Council conducts the business of Medgar Evers College on behalf of the College Council (between its regular meetings), including all authorized actions of the College Council, or executes responsibilities assigned by the College Council.

Member Role End of Term
Patricia Ramsey, Ph.D. President of Medgar Evers College
Zulema Blair, Ph.D. Vice-president 2023
Gelonia Dent, Ph.D. Executive Secretary 2023
Ronald Sheehy, Ph.D.

Antoinette Coleman, PhD*

Provost & Senior VP for Academic Affairs 2021-2022


Alexis McLean, Ed.D. Dean 2023
JoAnn Rolle, Ph.D. Dean 2023
Margaret Carroll, Ph.D. Faculty 2023
Micah Crump, Ph.D. Faculty 2023
Wallace Ford, Ph.D. Faculty 2023
Jean Michelet Jean-Michel, Ph.D. Faculty 2023
Brittany Lugo

Joanna Dorsey*

President of Student Government Association 2020-22


Shirley Irick, Esq. Parliamentarian 2023