Graduate Highlight

Martiny Derameaux
Degree and Major: Bachelors of Art, Psychology
GPA: 3.669

Martiny Derameaux

Martiny Derameaux is a SEEK student who came to Medgar Evers College in the fall 2019 after completing a GED. As a single parent, who had been out of school for an extended period, she came with many fears and trepidations. Through those initial fears, developmental courses and challenging professors, she persisted. Not even a pandemic could stop her. She utilized summer sessions to graduate Magna Cum Laude in 3 ½ years with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She also earned an Associate’s Degree in Science. Martiny never lost sight of her goal of achieving her dreams of earning her degree and fully utilized all of the SEEK Program services, particularly tutoring. It’s a hard-earned goal Derameaux is proud to have achieved.

“For a long time, the insecurity of being an H.S. dropout was that college was NOT for me, something I always told myself,” she said. “I was embarrassed and knew it was impossible, especially with having a 15-year school gap. My church and the SEEK program have enabled me to pursue and obtain my degrees. Having a support system is essential. I am very fortunate to have a SEEK family that encouraged and provided me with the necessary resources like tutoring and encouraged me when my insecurities would kick in with content I did not understand in courses. My church prayed for and with me relentlessly. I am a college graduate because of the support I received.”

Her growing confidence allowed Derameaux to become a SEEK Peer Mentor and president of the MEC Psychology Club. The MEC grad will enter an Accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing Program in the Fall of 2023.