The Medgar Evers College Office of Space Reservations is responsible for reserving all spaces for events at the college including non-academic internal & external events. The mission of the office is to provide quality service to all constituents utilizing event space at the college.

Request for Space

All requests for space should be directed to
Office of Space Reservations,
1150 Carroll Street, Room 400C,
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11225.
Phone number: (718) 270-6116
Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm

Available Facilities

The table below summarizes capacity for each facility.

Facility Capacity
Bedford Building (1650 Bedford Ave.)
Founders Auditorium 466
Amphitheater 1,000
President’s Conference Center 75
Johnson Lecture Hall 75
Class Room 40
Facility Capacity
Student Services (“S”) Building (1637 Bedford Ave.)
Pinkett Lecture Hall 74
3rd Floor Lobby Lounge 63
3rd Floor Lobby Patio 48
3rd Floor Lobby Lounge and Patio 111
3rd Floor Conference Room 21
Facility Capacity
Carroll Street Building (1150 Carroll St.)
Gymnasium 272
AB1 Health & Science Building (1638 Bedford Ave.)
Edison O. Jackson Auditorium 117
Multi-Purpose Room 60
VIP Dining Room 60
Cafeteria/Main Dining Room 246
Class rooms 40 +
Science Lab 20+