Guidelines and Conditions

All transactions between any organization, individual and Medgar Evers College-CUNY are subject to the following rules and regulations of the college:

  1. Granting meeting space to an individual or group does not constitute an endorsement by the college.
  2. Medgar Evers College reserves the right to deny the use of its facilities and properties to any organization or individual whose activities are not in compliance with the policies and procedures of Federal, N.Y. State, New York City, or City University of New York rules and regulations.
  3. When using college facilities, organizations or individuals shall conduct themselves in a manner that does not cause injury or damage to persons or property. An event must not cause disruption of college programs, operations, or atmosphere.
  4. The college reserves the right to relocate, reschedule, or modify the time of a scheduled event if such event is in conflict with an academic-sponsored activity.
  5. All charges and fees must be paid ten (10) business days prior to an event. The college reserves the right to cancel an event due to non-payment. Future events will not be honored until all outstanding balances are paid.
  6. To cancel a reservation, a written notice must be submitted as soon as it is known but no later than seven (7) business days prior to event confirmed date.
  7. Facilities are allocated based on the following CUNY Guidelines below:
    • Class Assignments
    • Department Programs
    • Student club (registered & recognized) and student-sponsored events
    • Space Rental – fees apply – Internal/External groups
    • Adult & Continuing Education
    • Community Sponsored Programs
      • Related to Academics
      • Un-related to Academics
      • Social Issues
      • Political Events

Reservations can be made up to ninety (90) days prior to an event.

  1. An organization or speaker may display the name and address of ‘Medgar Evers College’ on promotional materials for the sole purpose of indicating the location of the event. Under no other circumstances shall the name ‘Medgar Evers College’ be used or displayed without explicit written approval of the college.
  2. An event must not be advertised or promoted prior to written confirmation from the Office of Space Reservations noting that the space requested has been approved.
  3. Medgar Evers College-CUNY is a smoke-free institution. Smoking is not permitted at any time on campus facilities. In addition, balloons are not permitted in the college auditorium. No alcohol is permitted on campus without prior permission and proper documents.
  4. An organization or speaker may not assign any rights or obligations under the term of the Space Reservation Agreement to another party without prior written consent of the college.