Office of Event Management and Space Reservations Procedures

Welcome to the Office of Event Management and Space Reservations. We are here to help you plan and execute a successful event. Making your event successful means producing the right plan and executing the plan promptly.

The Office of Event Management and Space Reservations handles reserving all unique event spaces for the college, which includes non-academic, internal & external events. The office’s mission is to supply quality service to all constituents using event space at the college.

For visitors and external clients wishing to rent space at the college, please contact or complete an application on our website.

Guidelines and Conditions

All transactions between any organization, individual, and Medgar Evers College-CUNY are subject to the following rules and regulations of the college.

  1.  Granting meeting space to an individual or group does not constitute an endorsement by the college.
  2.  All safety protocols must be followed
  3.  Medgar Evers College reserves the right to deny the use of its facilities and properties to any organization or individual whose activities do not follow the policies and procedures of Federal, N.Y. State, New York City, or the City University of New York rules and regulations.
  4. When using college facilities, organizations or individuals shall conduct themselves in a manner that does not cause injury or damage to persons or property. An event must support college programs, operations, and atmosphere.
  5. The college reserves the right to move, reschedule, or change the time of a scheduled event if such event conflicts with an academic-sponsored activity.
  6. Event fees must be paid upon receipt of confirmation, and balances must be paid within thirty (30) or more business days before an event. The college reserves the right to cancel an event due to non-payment. Future events will be honored once all outstanding balances are paid.
  7. To cancel a reservation, written notice must be given seven (7) business days before the date confirmed to
  8. Facilities are distributed based on the following CUNY (City University of New York) Guidelines below:
    • Class Assignments
    • Department programs

Space Reservations

1. A completed Space Reservation request form can be found on our website and must be sent, along with a description of the event, three weeks before the event date. Alternate dates and all contact information must be included.

Please note: An event must only be advertised or promoted after receiving confirmation from the Office of Event Management and Space Reservations that the requested space has been approved.