Graphic Services

It is our mission to produce collateral materials that supports the College at large while adhering to our strong brand and graphic identity. To strengthen our public image, Medgar Evers College has developed a graphic identity system that projects a clear image of the College to the campus, community, and stakeholders. For the Communications and Marketing team to uphold these standard, and produce quality collateral to support your initiatives, we are sharing the following parameters for us to work effectively together.

The Graphic Services team works to promote a positive and consistent image of the College for internal and external audiences. This is done through photography, videography, social media, creative design, and production of MEC’s marketing and communications needs. Creative Services manages a range of materials including the following:

  • publications and collateral materials
  • multimedia design and motion graphics
  • banners, advertisements, programs, brochures, and banners

Creative Services aids in publicizing programs, events, workshops, lectures, and conferences to the entire College community. Any content which appears on the College monitors (e-boards) must be created in consultation with Graphic Services. Requests should be submitted via email to Please allow 10 business days for completion of standard requests. Additional time may be required for larger projects.

Collateral that includes an outside company, vendor, guest speakers, and logos must be submitted as vector-based high-resolution graphics to maintain quality. No Google searched images will be accepted.

Requests should include the following:

  • Name of event (headline language to attract the attention of your intended audience)
  • Brief event description (names of participants, event subject, etc.)
  • Graphic design treatment ideas
  • Date, time, and location
  • Names of sponsoring departments
  • Logo/branding

Requests can be sent to, outlining the details of the project.

It is the requestor’s responsibility to send created collateral to reprographics for printing.