The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment conducts research, and surveys to provide information for the College's decision-making, strategic planning and institutional assessment. The office collects and manages internal and external data to form integrated information, evaluates programs and initiatives, and assesses student performances. The office is charged with two primary functions:The institutional assessment responsibility for this office is to generate trend data reports for the guiding framework of the MEC Assessment Plan, the "Student Success Progression Model". The Office also provides data support and suggests methodologies for student support units assessment and departmental program reviews. These institutional data in turn guide the directions for the College's in-depth effort on student learning assessment. Additionally, the office conducts institutional level student and faculty surveys, and provides professional and technical support for surveys at the unit and departmental level.

The research responsibilities for this office include statistical analyses of student enrollment, retention, graduation, academic outcomes, and identifies significant research issues for administrative discussions. The Office also prepares institutional profile and information for outside constituents and grant funding agencies, and publishes various annual institutional reports and monographs. Moreover, the Office serves as a liaison with the CUNY Institutional Research and Assessment Office to understand the reporting and computational aspects of the University's requirements for evaluative measures, as well as to provide the College's feedback.

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment reports to the Office of Accreditation, Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness, supports its missions and goals, and participates in the main roles it plays in the College's Performance Management Process, Middle States Accreditation, and the College's overall assessment process.


MEC Dashboard/Departmental Data Trend/Institutional Data Trend Reports
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Dr. Eva Chan

IR Analyst & Workload Coordinator
Mr. Norman Narcisse


IR Analyst
Mr. Cesar Moreno