As Medgar Evers College examines its academic continuity policies for unscheduled campus closures, like severe weather events, unsafe conditions on campus, and public health emergencies, the College must consider the continuation of instruction for its students. In the event of a closure for an extended period, faculty and staff have available to them various tools and resources for remote instruction to preserve academic continuity. In preparation for such an event, here are the instructional tools, resources, and guidance for your use, below.

In the event of closure:

  1. Establish a plan to communicate with students. Share those plans in class, via email and Blackboard.
  2. Communicate your plans to hold sessions online, if this is your instructional mode of choice.

Important Note: During a campus closure, students should not be asked or required to participate in other campus activities (rehearsals, practice, etc.)

Tools to Support Instructional Continuity

Blackboard is a Medgar Evers College Learning Management System (LMS) (tool) that allows faculty to add resources for students to access online and facilitate synchronous (through Blackboard Collaborate) and asynchronous communications. This portion of the Blackboard training covers adding your learning materials (files) and associated content in your Blackboard course.


Add Files, Images, Video, and Audio

Echo360 Universal Capture

Echo360 Universal Capture is a lecture capture and active learning platform solution that helps instructors capture classroom lectures, screencasts from any device on campus, at home, or anywhere, anytime. The video of the captured content can be shared via internet login in your Echo360 classroom, weblink, or via email.


Please complete the form at the link below to register your course in Echo360.

STEP 1. Register your course!

Once completed, you will receive a registration email.  (See “Register Your Account and Log In”)

STEP 2. Register Your Account and Log In

STEP 3. Accessing Classes and Entering a Classroom

STEP 4. How to create a capture using Echo360

Additional Resources

Welcome to Echo360

CUNY DropBox

CUNY DropBox is available to all active CUNY students, faculty, and administrative staff.  DropBox can be used to store and access files from different devices, share files, and collaborate on content.  CUNY Dropbox Home Page


Get Started with DropBox


Camscanner is a mobile scanning tool that allows anywhere and anytime, scan, save, archive, and upload instructional materials. It is a free download for iPhone and Android. It provides the instructors with a means of reproducing learning materials e.g. textbook content, to a digital format at their leisure.  Materials that are scanned with Camscanner can be imported to Echo360 to be used as instructional content. It can also be saved in your Dropbox account for future use and be accessed anytime, anywhere. Download Camscanner!

For more information, please email us at or call (718) 270-6401




Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in New York State Saturday (3/7/2020) as the number of Coronavirus cases in New York has increased. Governor Cuomo announced this morning (3/8/2020) that there are 105 known cases of COVID-19 in New York State. Medgar Evers College and its Community are committed to the safety of our students and the continuation of our academic operations in case of any interruption in classroom instruction. The entire teaching faculty must be prepared to teach fully online at any notice. Medgar Evers College faculty were first notified 3/7/2020 of detailed instructions on 1) precise explanations of online resources to faculty and 2) instructions to faculty who may not be trained to teach online. We have added to our Academic Continuity Plan:

  • With the recognition that some Medgar Evers College faculty will need additional hands-on instruction in the use of Blackboard for course and instructional delivery to students, instruction will be offered
  • Many courses at Medgar Evers are taught by adjunct faculty who are likely not trained to teach online as an alternative to teaching in the classroom and instruction will be offered
  • We have many students who have never taken an online course and will be unfamiliar with how to enroll and take an online course. Instruction will be offered.

Additionally, the following actions will be taken to further implement our Academic Continuity Plan:

  • Beginning on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 (3/8/2020) an enhanced academic continuity plan will be implemented.
  • A training plan for Medgar Evers adjunct faculty and full-time faculty who need hands-on training will be provided in our Blackboard Training room on the second floor of the Bedford Building. As space will be limited, there will be multiple sessions offered.
  • On Wednesday, March 11, 2020 (3/8/2020) all students will be notified that if they have not had an online course, they will need to attend Blackboard training.
  • Beginning on Thursday, March 12, 2020 (3/9/2020) large-scale training of students will begin. The exact locations will be announced.
  • All current faculty should immediately inform their own students by Blackboard and/or email that training current students who have not taken a Blackboard online course will need to attend training offered by the College starting Thursday, March 12, 2020 (3/9/2020). Please encourage your students to frequently monitor their College email. Faculty currently teaching online should give their students any additional guidance as needed.
  • Deans, Chairs, and any faculty with instructional oversight of students attending nursing clinicals and other majors where instruction is conducted outside the College should make additional accommodations. The policies of the facilities where students attend instruction must be monitored and followed.
  • Adjunct and full-time faculty should also monitor their College email.

Further communication on the Academic Continuity Plan will be managed by the Office of Academic Affairs.