Dean's Message

Carlos T. Aquino, Ph.D.| Interim Dean |
Carlos T. Aquino, Ph.D.| Interim Dean |

Welcome to the School of Science and Allied Health. Our school enrolls about 40% of the over 6500 students in the college. We are housed in a $247 million, 195,000 sq. ft. science building with state-of-the-art teaching...
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Vision and Mission

The School of Science and Allied Health is comprised of five academic departments: Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science, Mathematics, Nursing, and Physics and Computer Science. Housed in our...
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Faculty Highlights

Faculty members in the School of Science and Allied Health are knowledgeable and passionate about their work.



Providing knowledge of the role that modern biological science and technology play in society and to provide students with a sense of responsibility for their humanistic applications


Nursing is intellectually stimulating, challenging and provides many opportunities for specialization and advancement. Whether it is caring for clients in a hospital, the community,...


Providing an engaging and intellectually rigorous curriculum that seeks to assist students in preparing for a career in which mathematics is directly or indirectly involved

Chemistry and

Environmental Science

Emphasizing environmental law which is the forerunner for environmental management and policy. The program addresses conservation through courses in Natural Resource Conservation and

Physics and Computer


Providing sound general scientific knowledge and rigorous training in Computer Science, Physics and Engineering in preparation for the high-tech and scientific workforce.