Our newly formed Department of Developmental and Special Education has inherited two accredited and nationally recognized professional dual-certificate degree programs, which are among the few dual-certificate programs in general education and special education offered at the undergraduate level in New York City.
The current degree programs are:

  • BA Early Childhood Special Education, Birth to 2nd grade
  • BA Childhood Special Education, Grade 1-6

Graduates from these two degree programs gain initial NY State certification to work with young children and elementary aged students with and without disabilities. Our graduates can be found in many NY City public, private and charter schools, in early intervention centers and Head Start programs, and in inclusive and specialized classrooms.

Our department also offers a Minor in Early Intervention program.

During the last seven years, these degree programs have been very much in demand by schools nationwide, and MEC has shown significant increase in its graduation
rates compared to a decade ago. These programs received approximately $4M in federal grant support that provides scholarships and stipends for candidates wishing to pursue careers in special education. Between 2013 and 2016, these grant-supported programs have prepared over 150 professional teachers, with 90% of these teachers currently serving students with a wide range of disabilities across a variety of educational settings in New York City and its environs.