Amoa, Kwesi
Assoc. Professor, BS/Fisk University, MS/Fisk University, PhD/Howard University

Austin, Shermane A.
Professor, BA, MS, PhD/CUNY

Bajue, Stanley A.
Professor, BS, PhD/University of the West Indies

Chow, Ying
Professor, BS/Tsing Hua University, PhD/Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gibbs, John,
Professor, BS/University of the West Indies, PhD/University of the West Indies

Hope, Wilbert
Professor, BS/University of Guyana, PhD/University of New South Wales

Howard, Armando M.
Assoc. Professor, PhD/Princeton University

Johnson, Leon
Professor, BS/Gettysburg College, MS, PhD/New York University

Karan, Hiroko Ito
Professor, BS/Hoshi University, MS/Wilkes University, PhD/Brown University

Obi, Wilson
Assoc. Professor, PhD/Institute of Technology

Patel, Harini
Asst. Professor, PhD/Fordham University

Skeete, Dereck
Lecturer, BS/Medgar Evers College, MS/Pennsylvania State University, PhD/University of Michigan

Reid, Alicia
Asst. Professor, PhD/University of the West Indies

Vittadello, Michele
Asst. Professor, BS, PhD/University of Padua