Faculty in the Department of Mathematics

Phone numbers are of the form 718-270-XXXX
Email addresses end in @mec.cuny.edu
Offices are in the AB1 building (1638 Bedford Avenue)

Terrence Blackman - Chair (email: tblackman, phone: 6168, office: L05E)
PhD The Graduate School, CUNY 2011
Research interests: Number Theory, Jacquet Langlands Program, Mathematics Education http://terrenceblackman.com

Joshua Berenbom (email: joshua, phone: 6424, office: L05B)
Research interests: Nonarchimedian Algebras 

Rupert Brown (email: rupertb, phone: 4939, office: 411)

Gelonia Dent (email: gdent, phone: 6433, office: L05N)
Research interests: Fluid Dynamics

Tatyana Flesher (email: tatyana, phone: 6423, office: L05R)
PhD Moscow Pedagogical University 1989
Research interests: Algebra, Methodology of Teaching Mathematics

Eleanor Holder (email: eholder, phone: 6433, office: L05G)
MA Boston University 2008

Jean Michelet Jean-Michel (email: jean-michel, phone: 6431, office: L08C)
PhD Brown University 2003
Research interests: Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Biology.

Kay Lashley (email: klashley, phone: 6924, office: L01)
MSEd Brooklyn College 2009
Research interests: Developmental Mathematics

Khosrow Mansouri (email: kmansouri, phone: 6178, office: L05E)
MA New York University 1982
Research interests: Statistics, Number Theory, Topology

Darius Movasseghi (email: darius, phone: 6416, office: L05F)
PhD University of Toledo 1972
Research interests: Analytic Functions, Use of Computer Algebra Systems in Teaching

Umesh Nagarkatte (email: umesh, phone: 6425, office: L08E)
PhD City University of New York 1976
Research interests: Algebraic Number Theory and Geometry, Interdisciplinary Research

Herbert Odunukwe (email: hodunukwe, phone: 4954, office: 403C)
MS Polytechnic Institute of NYU 2003 and MEngr City College of New York 2001
Research interests: Design, Process Integration, and Fabrication of MEMS Devices; Technology Adaptation in Teaching and Learning of Developmental Math

Homeira Pajoohesh (email: hpajoohesh, phone: 6125, office: L08A)
PhD Shahid Beheshti University 2003
Research interests: Lattice Theory, Topology and Applications to Computer Science

Wayne D Russell (email: wrussell, phone: 4959, office: L01)
MS Polytechnic University 2002
Research interests: Dynamic Self-Regulated Learning, Incorporating Blended Learning Models in Order to Optimize Performance in Developmental Mathematics for the 'At Risk' Population

Lavoizier Saint Jean (email: ljean, phone: 5108, office: 411)
MA City College of New York 1995

Ventura Simmons (email: ventura, phone: 6420, office: L05P)
MA City University of New York 1986
Research interests: Algebra

Joshua Sussan (email: jsussan, phone: 6421, office: L05M)
PhD Yale University 2007
Research interests: Representation Theory, Quantum Topology, Categorification

Raymond Thomas (email: rthomas, phone: 6428, office: L05T)
MA City University of New York 1998
Research interests: Complex Dynamics, Hyperbolic Geometry

Cesar Valverde (email: cvalverde, phone: 6472, office: L08D)
PhD Rutgers University Newark 2012
Research interests: Automorphic Forms, Representation Theory, Number Theory

Bart Van Steirteghem (email: bartvs, phone: 6429, office: L05V)
PhD Columbia University 2004
Research interests: Algebraic Transformation Groups, Spherical Varieties