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The mission of the Department of Mass Communication, Creative, Performing Arts and Speech (MCCPAS) is to provide high-quality instruction in the performing, media and theater arts (art, music, speech, radio, TV, dance, acting and theater crafts) which enable students to experience personal growth, broaden their cultural perspectives and develop the talents that create opportunities for both graduate study and employment.

About the Department of Mass Communication, Creative, Performing Arts and Speech 

The Department of Mass Communication, Creative, Performing Arts and Speech is an academic department in the School of Liberal Arts and Education at Medgar Evers College. It provides a wide range of interdisciplinary courses in the performing, media and theater arts (art, music, speech, radio, TV, dance, acting and theater crafts). New technologies, innovative material and pedagogies are an integral part of the learners’ multi-dimensional scholastic experiences.

The curriculum offered is structured to allow students to select or follow a selected course of study. In addition to the course offerings, the Department provides enrichment activities for learners in laboratories, internships, gallery visits, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and performances. A pamphlet of these activities is available for students in the Department of Mass Communication, Creative, Performing Arts and Speech. The department produces its own collaborative performances which are showcased each semester.

Further, the department provides opportunities for national and international student exchanges concentrating on the arts. The department has a focused educational plan which takes multiculturalism into consideration.  Other opportunities for extra-curricular activities are provided through networking, membership in associations, appropriate professional groups and societies, as well as with community-based organizations. Additional and revised courses are frequently developed to further enhance our academic offerings in the arts.

Currently, the Department offers an AA in Liberal Arts degree. After successfully completing the course of study, our students usually make one of the following choices:

  1. Pursue a BA degree in another department at Medgar Evers College that gives a degree in a related area, i.e. business; public administration; education; psychology;
  2. Transfer to another college;
  3. enter the CUNY BA program; or
  4. enter the workforce.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree is being developed to further enhance the department’s academic offerings in the arts. Notably, the interdisciplinary nature of course offerings also ensures the need for the merging of traditional and contemporary bodies of knowledge. Hence, the use of digital technology is central to the instructions of our students. This merging of interrelated disciplines and new digital technologies helps to prepare students for advance training and the world of work.

Departmental Academic Criteria 

Students must meet all proficiencies required by the City University of New York.  A minimum of 60 credits is required for the AA in Liberal Arts.   Of these 60 credits, 15 must be taken in the department under the guidance and advisement of the faculty.  The student is required to adhere strictly to the guidelines and requirements. An important requirement is that all students must demonstrate computer proficiency before being awarded the AA in Liberal Arts Degree.   Graduates from the department are also required to complete one year of a foreign language other than their native language.

MCCPAS faculty consists of highly qualified teachers and practitioners whose major objective is to help advance students’ general knowledge base as well as their skills in the arts. To this end, the department’s curriculum focuses on proficiency in reading, writing, speech and the arts.

Academic Standards 

Students in the department are expected to pass Mass Communications required Core courses with a grade of “C” or better. For graduation, a student must have an index of 2.0.


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