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The Education Department’s Mission is "to prepare change agents for classrooms, schools and communities who educate to liberate." The Department prepares students to become teachers at the early childhood and childhood levels. Furthermore, the Department accepts the special obligations that are attached to educating teachers who will work and live within a multicultural community and who will strive to promote the best education for all children.

About the Education Department

The Education Department was one of the first departments to be created when the College opened its doors in 1971. The Department’s programs and policies ensure that its candidates demonstrate the academic and professional skills and competencies addressed in the New York State Teacher Certification Exam (NYSTCE) as well as the intellectual acumen and academic skills and proficiencies needed to meet Departmental Standards and related Professional Standards.

As a testament to our standards for educational excellence, the Education Department received national accreditation, without conditions, from the National Council for Teacher Education (NCATE) in October 2006, and reaccredited again in April 2013.

The Education Department's Motto "Educate to Liberate" was created by the Education Club, a student organization that functions as a means of stimulating discourse on the purpose of education.

Candidates may seek a degree in the following areas:


Curriculum Code

NYSED Program Code

Associate of Arts in Teacher Education (76) 14928
Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood/Special Education (71) 24659
Bachelor of Arts in Childhood/Special Education (72) 24662
Bachelor of Arts in Childhood Education (74) 24660

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The Department also offers two minors in the field of Education: Early Childhood Intervention and Urban Education.

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