The mission of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences is to provide students with the essential academic knowledge and skills necessary for rigorous undergraduate study, and subsequent entry into the graduate and professional schools and career advancement. The Department is committed to increasing the relevance and usefulness of the social and behavioral sciences to students, to other disciplines, and to the local community.

About the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers three degree programs: an Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts in Social Science; a Bachelor of Liberal Studies with three areas of concentration: Geography, History and Political Science; and a Bachelor of Science in Social Work

Students pursuing the Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts may choose courses in consultation with an academic advisor to emphasize a specific academic interest or to prepare for upper division study in: anthropology, history, political sciences, social work, sociology and interdisciplinary social sciences.

The Department courses and degree programs are intended to provide for systematic advancement towards professional careers and graduate studies in the social and behavioral sciences. Professionally-oriented courses, research and clinical internships, close faculty-student relationships, and liaisons with governmental and community agencies are emphasized as a means of helping students reach their academic and professional goals.

Academic Standards

Students in the Department are expected to pass Social and Behavioral Sciences required core courses with a grade of C" or better. For graduation, a student must have an index of 2.0 in his/her major. Students will be required to repeat a course in their major in which a grade of "C-" or below is received, whenever the GPA in the respective major drops below 2.0.

Advanced Standing

Students applying for advanced standing are required to meet the general advanced standing requirements of the College. Required and prerequisite courses taken elsewhere must be completed with a grade of "C" or better by transfer students as well as by Medgar Evers students who wish to receive credit toward their B.A. degree. Courses completed with a grade of "C-" in another CUNY unit may be accepted pursuant to a review by the Department.

Associate Arts in Liberal Arts

The Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts is designed to meet the needs of students who are seeking a strong two-year foundation in general education or to complete two-year transferable degree requirements. It meets more specifically, the needs of students who are interested in psychology, political science, history, sociology, social work, anthropology, art, music, literature or communications. Students who are undecided about their majors but interested in liberal arts are encouraged to enter this program. The degree requires the completion of 60 credits.

Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) Program

Medgar Evers College School of Liberal Arts and Education offers a Bachelor of Science in Social Work degree that prepares students for entry level positions in social work and for graduate school education.  

The program builds on a solid liberal arts foundation and provides a challenging generalist curriculum. It incorporates courses that focus on field practices, policies and services, and human behavior in the social environment. Social work courses are designed to impart knowledge and are aligned to comply with the standards for social work education as defined by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Commission on Accreditation.

The overarching goal of the baccalaureate degree program is to graduate students who will demonstrate proficiency in the knowledge, ethical values and skills of the profession, be grounded in the profession’s history, purposes and philosophy, and practice social work in an ethical manner, helping to alleviate social and economic injustice as engaged, socially responsible citizens in a rapidly changing world.