Minor in English

Students from business, sciences, and education often desire courses in English. The minor in English provides students in all disciplines with an opportunity to read, write about and interpret literary texts, and serves as a bridge for students who are interested in pursuing a BA in English. Students may pursue a minor in literature or a minor in writing.  Students who pursue the English minor will enhance their appreciation and understanding of English language and literature and will gain cache and mileage in the job market.

Minor in English: Literature, 12 credits, 4 courses

The literature minor offers students a cohesive choice of courses, increased competence in critical reading and writing, an in depth study of literature, and/or broadened experiences in this area.

Minor in English Writing

Minor in English: Writing, 12 credits, 4 courses

The minor in English writing prepares students for careers in writing and communications.   Students take a cohesive choice of courses that provide them with increased competence in critical reading and writing and an in depth study of the writing process.  This minor is also targeted towards students who wish to publish their works.

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