Creative Writing Concentration

The creative writing concentration at Medgar Evers College serves a niche student body that has been historically denied access to undergraduate writing programs which create the pool of candidates for graduate writing programs, literary careers and employment in the publishing industry and its ancillary industries such as magazine editing, book design and small press management.  Students in the creative writing concentration take a series of courses that serve both to augment the literary skills of students interested in the study of introductory creative writing and to embrace the increasing demands of students interested in pursuing advanced study in creative writing. 

The creative writing program at Medgar Evers reinforces the reputation of the College as a cultural leader in Brooklyn as well as the greater cosmopolitan area. This concentration provides an additional professional course of study for students considering Medgar Evers for their undergraduate studies.  A major goal of the creative writing program is to increase the number of students of color attending graduate school.  The program also enriches the faculty as well as the student life on campus with its ancillary events and activities and the wider activities it draws to the campus.  Faculty in the program also partner with the Center for Black Literature to produce programs that showcase students’ work in poetry, fiction and drama and that provide students with additional opportunities to study the craft of writing, to meet writers and poets and to engage in other creative writing activities.

Cross-Cultural Literature Concentration

The cross-cultural literature concentration with a specialization in the literature of the African diaspora provides students with an opportunity to study the literature of writers whose works are associated with more than one culture or whose works cross the boundaries of national cultures.  Students who study literature in this concentration examine cross- cultural influences in the work of particular writers with an emphasis on writers who come from various parts of the African diaspora.  The cross-cultural cultural concentration exposes students to literature in the African diaspora which may be beyond the boundaries of the nation or cultural group. Students are required to take 12 credits in African American Literature, African Literature, Asian American Literature, Black Women Writers or Latin American Literature.

Professional Writing Concentration

The Professional Writing Concentration provides a foundation of writing with a purpose for a specific audience. Its courses are designed to effectively prepare students for a variety of careers. Course offerings are open to both English majors and minors and are designed to meet the needs of those in other majors such as business and science.  English majors are required to take 12 credits in the Professional Writing Concentration.

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