Economics and Finance Department

The mission of the Department of Economics and Finance is to provide high-quality instruction in economics and finance to students; to conduct relevant original research that supports our teaching activities; and to serve our college and community.

About the Department of Economics and Finance
The Department of Economics and Finance offers students at Medgar Evers College an educational foundation in the body of economic and financial theories and practices that are employed by businesses, governmental entities and nonprofit institutions.

The department provides students with a selection of introductory and upper-level courses that prepare them for careers at business and public organizations that require capabilities in economic analyses; financial management; and for positions in the private or public sector; for work and study leading to professional certification; and for graduate study.

Department Goals
The goals of the departmental curriculum are to:
  1. Train students in functional areas of financial analysis and planning, investment analysis, and project evaluation.
  2. Provide training and skills necessary for critical analysis and interpretation of economic and financial problems facing business entity.
  3. Prepare students for advanced studies in economics and finance.
Students seeking a degree in the School of Business may select upper level courses in Economics and Finance as part of their degree completion.