Writing Skills

Writing Fundamentals 1: Writing is a powerful way of communication, and in this class you will improve your writing skills by learning the parts of speech and the fundamental principles of effective writing. You will master grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure; understand verb tense; and examine style through lectures, writing and grammar exercises, group work, and peer review. You will learn how to differentiate between formal and informal writing and learn when it is appropriate to use each mode. With the help of your lecturer and your peers, you will edit, revise, and proofread writing assignments. Through this course you will learn effective methods of rewriting sentences so that they are clear and complete; identify methods for improving word choices; identify methods for building effective sentences; identify methods for editing text effectively; and identify methods for avoiding some common writing errors.  Pre-req:  None.  $185

Writing Fundamentals 2: In Writing Fundamentals 2, you will build upon the foundational skills learned in Writing Fundamentals 1. This course is designed for students seeking to enhance their academic and creative writing skills. Topics to be covered include thesis development, providing evidence, supporting the argument, structure and style. (15 hours) Pre-req: Writing Fundamentals 1. $185 

Creative Writing: This course is for students who successfully completed Writing Fundamentals and are ready to delve deeper into the art of writing. We will review grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure as needed, but the emphasis of the course will be primarily on the content and process of your writing. We’ll study generating ideas and getting past writers’ block. We’ll work primarily on writing short stories and memoires, exploring the differences between fiction and nonfiction. We’ll devote a great deal of time to learning to think critically about your writing and will emphasize the importance of self-editing and writing multiple drafts. This course is aimed at students who are serious about their writing and have a desire and commitment to improve their skills. By the end of the course, students should feel confident in their ability to express themselves through their writing to convey their ideas, using correct grammar and sentence structure.  Pre-req:  Writing Fundamentals and/or submission of writing sample.  Please answer:  Why do you want to take this course? (150 words or less.) $240

Business Writing: The emphasis in this course will be on nonfiction; research papers, essays, position papers, business letters, etc. Students will focus on the organization and clarity of their writing, while utilizing all the skills they’ve learned on sentence structure and grammar. Students will gain the confidence to apply their knowledge of writing to any field or situation where writing is required. As with the Creative Writing course, we’ll continue to emphasize the importance of writing multiple drafts and using critical thinking to edit and rework essays and letters.  Pre-req:  Writing Fundamentals and/or submission of writing sample.  Please answer:  Why do you want to take this course? (150 words or less.) $240

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