Small Business Development


Starting Your Business:   This course is about reducing those risks by showing you a smarter way to design a profitable business model and an evidence-based approach to starting and growing your business.  You will explore the how-to’s of identifying and evaluating opportunities, developing revenue models, testing your concept, getting early customer feedback, and then rapidly adapting to market demand while meeting competitor challenges.

You’ll walk away with a complete feasibility analysis that shows “if your idea will fly”and a strategic plan for launching, operating and financing your business. Because of Starting Your Business’s broad focus on starting a business, the course will work for students wanting to explore viable “lifestyle” businesses and those looking to launch high-growth, investable businesses. Through a combination of class discussions, peer collaboration, case studies, mentoring, and field trips “into the trenches”, students will come to better understand the challenges and issues commonly encountered during the startup process. Starting Your Business concludes with all students presenting their strategic launch plans to an expert panel of seasoned entrepreneurs.  No prerequisite.  $225
Getting, Keeping and Growing Customers: This hands-on blended learning course combines classroom sessions and live online interactions to help you create an action-oriented sales and marketing plan that you can put to use immediately.   Space is limited.  Pre-req: Starting Your Business and/or applicant must be a small business owner with minimum of (2) years of operations. $295

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Starting your Business



9a - 12p

Oct 11 - Nov 8

Growing Customers




Oct 8 - Nov 5

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