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Microsoft Computer Applications Certificate
Computer literacy is required for success in today’s world, and these popular classes will enable you to become proficient and competent in using these programs. You will receive a Certification of Completion upon completion of the entire program.
If you are already proficient in “Computer Basics/Keyboarding” you may pay a $35 fee to become exempt from it.
Program Accredited by: Not applicable. 
Entry Requirements:  Depending on course selected, basic computer proficiency, access to computer running MS Office to practice independently.
Full Program Tuition:  $1090
(Does not include textbooks or state exams fees.)
Computer Basics/Keyboarding: Get introduced to the basics of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office and the Internet. You will also learn to improve typing speed. $215
Microsoft Word (Beginning): Create letters and similar documents, enter and edit text, cut, copy, paste and move data, and use basic writing tools. $215
Microsoft Word (Advanced): Learn form letters, tables, mail merge and more. $215
Microsoft Excel (Beginning): Use spreadsheets to organize information for analysis and decision making. $215
Power Point (Beginning): Enhance your business proposals and presentations. Create overhead transparencies, 35mm slides and color or black and white prints. $215
Microsoft Outlook: Learn functions such as scheduling, tasks, making and responding to appointments, creating folders, and more. $115
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Class Course Code Days Time Date
CPU Basics CTM1011B M,W 6p-9p Jun 9-Jun 30
MS Word CTMC501C M,W 6p-9p Jul 2-Jul 16
MS Word (Adv) CTMC511C M,W 6p-9p Jul 21-Aug 4
MS Excel CTMC503C M,W 6p-9p Aug 6-Aug 20
MS PowerPoint CTMC504A M,W 6p-9p Aug 25-Sep 10
MS Outlook CTMC101C M,W 69=p-9p Sep 15-Sep 17

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