About Us

Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) at Medgar Evers College encompasses three major areas of focus:

Tuition-based certificate programs and courses for community residents.
Tuition-based programs are offered throughout the year in the summer, fall and spring semesters. These certificate programs and courses are enrollment based and are revised on a semester by semester basis as listed in each ACE catalog.

Customized contract training and professional development for organizations.
Contract training is typically developed with external organizations through calls, office visits, references and other marketing outreach. Training is for general professional development, industry-specific training, or as a sub-contracted training provider to an organization that has received a grant. Contracts are customized and range from one-day to one-year trainings.

Grant-funded programs providing services for community residents.

  • CUNY-based WIA and Literacy funding for ESL, Literacy and GED.
  • City Council-funded Black Male Initiative (BMI) funding for targeted GED.
  • Mayor’s Office of Adult Education – Young Male Initiative (YMI) funding for I.M.PA.C.T! which provides peer mentoring
  • CUNY Workforce Development Initiative (WDI) funding for Pipeline to Technology run in collaboration with the School of Business