The Academy for Youth administers four school-based Beacon Community Centers: the Flatbush Beacon at M.S. 2, the Crown Heights Beacon at P.S. 138, the Oasis Beacon at I.S. 323, and the Progressive Youth Empowerment Beacon (PYE) at P. S. 181.

These Beacon Community Centers partner with the school community, neighborhood residents, businesses, and other community based organizations to provide after-school programs that incorporate a wide variety of activities, including homework help, academic enrichment, conflict remediation/ resolution, community service, project based clubs, as well as educational, recreational, and cultural activities. They also offer free High School Equivalency General Educational Development (GED) classes to community residents in order to prepare them to pass the GED exam.

In addition to instruction, students receive vocational and college counseling.

Crown Heights Beacon @ PS/IS 138
Ms. Maxine Seales
760 Prospect Place
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Phone:  718.953.0857
Oasis Beacon @ PS/IS 323
Mott Hall Bridge Academy
Ms. Melina Terry
210 Chester Street
Brooklyn, NY 11212
Phone:  347.770.8673
Flatbush Beacon @MS 2
Mr. Jawara Hudson
655 Parkside Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Phone:  718.462.6992 x23021
PYE Beacon @PS 181
Mr. Paul Shorter
1023 New York Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203
Phone:  718.703.3633 

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