School of Professional and Community Development


Mission, Vision and Goals

The Mission of the School of Professional and Community Development (SPCD) is to support life-long learning and provide caring environments to enrich the academic, cultural, social and professional development of youth and adults. We provide opportunities for community residents to improve the skills needed for new career opportunities, to enhance the skills that lead to promotional opportunities, to improve their basic skills in preparation for higher education and to explore cultural and artistic workshops that enhance one’s personal development.
On behalf of Medgar Evers College, I welcome you to our Academy for Youth, Academy for Career Pathways, Adult and Continuing Education and Research & Advocacy Centers.  Our programs offer you a broad spectrum of learning experiences that pertain to your interests. I encourage you to explore our programs and certificates that can fuel the changes you most want to make in your career, your future, and your life.
We look forward to serving you.
Simone Rodriguez-Dorestant, Ph.D
School of Professional and Community Development 

Academy for Youth

The Academy for Youth is a coalition of youth programs designed to enrich the academic, physical, social and cultural development of students in grades K-12. The Academy offers services after school, Monday–Friday and on Saturdays. All students have an opportunity to participate in sports or cultural activities, educational remediation or enrichment classes, and leadership workshops or discussion groups. In addition to the regularly scheduled activities, all students are encouraged to participate in community service, service learning, or internships activities.

Academy for Career Pathways

The Academy for Career Pathways assists displaced, untrained, or undertrained workers and community residents to re-enter the job market or obtain a college degree. The Academy works closely with businesses to ensure that the training provided meets workforce standards and those trainees are prepared to be exceptional employees.

Adult and Continuing Education

Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) at Medgar Evers College encompasses three major areas of focus:

  • Tuition-based certificate programs and courses for community residents.
  • Customized contract training and professional development for organizations.
  • Grant-funded programs providing services for community residents..

Research & Advocacy Centers

There are four centers that serve the specific and diverse needs of the New York City communities as well as the international community through advocacy, research and support services.