provide students with the essential academic knowledge and skills necessary for rigorous undergraduate study, and subsequent entry into the graduate and professional schools and career advancement. The Department is committed to increasing the relevance and usefulness of the social and behavioral sciences to students, to other disciplines, and to the local community.

HIST 101                World Civilizations I

POL 101                 Introduction to Political Science

GEOG 101             Introduction to Geography

HIST 102                World Civilizations II

POL 200                 Introduction to American Government

ANTH 201              The Nature of Culture

ANTH 201              The Nature of Culture

POL 205                 Comparative Government

HIST 208                Readings in the Fundamental Documents in Early American

SOC 209                 Urban Lifestyles

POL 210                 International Relations

POL 216                 State and Local Government

HIST 220                African-American History to 1865

HIST 221                African-American History Since Reconstruction

HIST 222                U.S.A. History to 1900

HIST 223                History of the U.S.A. in the 20th Century

POL 224                 The Third World In World Politics

POL 228                 History of U.S. Foreign Policy from I776 to the Present

HIST 230                History of Africa to 1800

SW 231                   Social Work Methods: Micro Practice with Individuals

HIST 242                History of the Caribbean

HIST 250                Selected Topics in the History of Medieval Europe

HIST 251                Selected Problems in the History of Modern Europe

HIST 260                The City in History

POL 300                 The American Presidency

GEOG 301             Economic Geography

SOC 303                 Social Deviance

HIST 303                History of Women in the Western World

SSC 305                                    Critical Issues in Society

SOC 308                 Sociological Theory

SW 310                   Medical/ Social/ Psychological Aspects of HIV/AIDS

SW 311                   AOD Counseling with Diverse Population

HIST 316                The African Experience in Latin America and the Caribbean

HIST 333                The History of Black Civil Rights Movement in America

SOC 336                 Police and the Penal System

POL 336                 Constitutional Law

POL 338                 Consumer and Poverty Law

SOC 338                 Social Welfare and Social Policy

SOC 340                 Selected Problems in Community Development

HIST 340                History of Political and Social Movements in America

SW 340                   Selected Problems in Community Development

POL 393                 History of Western Political Thought I

POL 394                 History of Western Political Thought II

GEOG 403             Urban Geography with Particular Reference to the New York Metropolis and Borough of Brooklyn

SSC 404                               Senior Thesis

SOC 410                 The Role of the Church in the Black Community

HIST 410                Comparative History of Slavery in the Americas

HIST 412                Select Topics in African-American History

SW 457                   Community Organization