The Department of Mass Communication, Creative, Performing Arts and Speech is an academic department in the School of Liberal Arts and Education at Medgar Evers College. It provides a wide range of interdisciplinary courses in the performing, media and theater arts (art, music, speech, radio, TV, dance, acting and theater crafts). New technologies, innovative material and pedagogies are an integral part of the learners’ multi-dimensional scholastic experiences.

The curriculum offered is structured to allow students to select or follow a selected course of study. In addition to the course offerings, the Department provides enrichment activities for learners in laboratories, internships, gallery visits, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and performances. A pamphlet of these activities is available for students in the Department of Mass Communication, Creative, Performing Arts and Speech. The department produces its own collaborative performances which are showcased each semester.

ART 100                  Introduction to World Art

DNCE 100              Introduction to Modern Dance

MUS 100                Introduction to World Music

SPCH 102              Fundamental of Speech

MUS 103                Rudiments of Music

MUS 104                Basic Musicianship

MUS 105                Voice

MUS 106                College Choir I

MUS 107                College Choir II

MUS 109                College Choir IV

ART 109                  Creative Expressions in the Visual and Performing Arts

MUS 110                Piano I

MUS 111                Piano II

MUS 120                Cultural Diversity in Music I

SPCH 121              American Sign Language I

SPCH 122              American Sign Language II

MED 150                Mass-Communications: Contents, Structure, and Control

ART 151                  Basic Design

ART 160                  Art Education for Teachers

MED 160                Introduction to Film

MED 180                Introduction to Broadcasting

DNCE 200              Movement Education Rhythmic Analysis Technology

ART 200                  Afro-American Art History

ART 201                  African Art History

DNCE 202              Liturgical/Sacred Dance

SPCH 202              Voice and Diction

ART 203                  Ceramics

MUS 204                History and Literature of Jazz

SPCH 205              Introduction to Theater

ART 205                  Sculpture

ART 207                  Drawing and Painting

SPCH 207              Acting I

SPCH 208              Acting II

ART 208                  Painting Techniques

ART 210                  Printmaking Etching

MUS 215                Ensemble

MUS 217                Elementary Band Instruments

SPCH 221              American Sign Language III

SPCH 222              American Sign Language IV

MUS 224                College Band I

MUS 225/226/227            College Band II, III, IV

MUS 234                Music Theater Workshop

MUS 241                Music Materials I

MED 241                Radio Production

MED 242                Advanced Radio Production

MUS 242                Music Materials II

MUS 250                Steel Pan/Band I: Beginners

MUS 251                Steel Pan/Band II: Intermediate

DNCE 251              African Dance I

DNCE 262              African Dance II

MUS 270                African Caribbean Drumming I: Beginners

DNCE 272              Theory and Philosophy of Creative Dance for the Classroom Teacher

ART 282                  Lettering and Design

ART 283                  Advertising Design

MED 292                Workshop in Media Writing I

MED 297                TV Production

SPCH 297              Theater Workshop

MED 298                Advanced TV Production

MED 299                Independent Study

ART 299                  Independent Study

SPCH 299              Independent Studies

MUS 299                Independent Study

MED 300                Internship

ART 301                  Computer Graphics

ART 315                  Ancient Egyptian Art and Culture

MUS 319                Music Sequencing II

MASS 400              Independent Studies in Mass-Communications

ART 403                  Advanced Graphics

MUS 409                Music Recording

MASS 473              Black Creative Arts