The Department of Foreign Languages is dedicated to helping students discover the world through the study of language, literature, and culture. Our goal is to provide students with the means to explore their own worldview and challenge their capacity to identify with people of differing backgrounds. We endeavor to motivate in students an appreciation and understanding of the world’s people so that they may leave Medgar Evers College with the ability and the desire to communicate and empathize with others.

The Department of Foreign Languages emphasizes the variety and integrity of our programs, the skill and competence of our graduates, and the importance of our efforts within the vocational and career-oriented mission of our college. To this end, our courses: help students discover their capacity as language learners; provide students with the appropriate language skills to enable them to communicate effectively and function in their chosen profession; enable students to acquire and incorporate knowledge of the tools and organizational proficiency needed for language and cultural studies; inspire students to think critically in the humanistic tradition about texts and language; instill in our students the positive nature of cultural differences.

ARAB/ARAL 101                   Arabic I: An Introduction to the Arabic Language

SPAN/SPAL 101                   Beginning Spanish (closed to Spanish speakers)

SPAN/SPAL 102                   Beginning Spanish II (closed to Spanish speakers)

FREN/FREL 102                    Beginning French II (closed to francophone speakers)

SPAN 201                                Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 202                                Intermediate Spanish II

FREN 202                                 Intermediate French II

SPAN 203                                Spanish for Native Speakers I

SPAN 204                                Spanish for Native Speakers II

SPAN 206                                Introduction to Hispanic Literature

FREN/ FREL                             Beginning French I (closed to francophone speakers)