Office of Predominantly Black Institution

PBI PREP Program
1150 Carroll Street, C-318
718-270-4953 (Phone)


Predominantly Black Institutions (PBI) is a program to establish or strengthen programs in Science, Technology, English, Education, Mathematics, Health Education and Globalization and improve educational outcomes of African American students. It is put in place to:

  • Increase students retention and improve graduation rates
  • Increase student involvement in their field of study
  • Promote activities that support students’ development of academic goals
  • Faculty work closely with students to promote learning and enhance professional skills needed in their field of study


Supplemental Instruction: An internationally recognized program that trains students as SI leaders to conduct group review sessions with students in difficult courses that traditionally have a high fail rate of DFW grades.

Tutoring: Writing Fellows and Tutors provide coaching in Writing, Research and Grammar usage skills. 

Peer Mentoring/Coaching: Juniors & Seniors provide guidance in Communication, Decision Making, Time Management, Organization and Leadership skills.

Graduation School Preparation: A series of informational seminars and graduate school activities to increase students’ involvement in their field of study. 

The college is proud of its strong academic programs offered through its four Schools. We provide a solid foundation of general education to prepare our students to achieve personal and academic goals, through an approach that is fundamentally qualitative and transformative with a student-centered curriculum.

Yale University
Tufts University
Howard University
Maryland University
Georgetown University
SUNY Albany
UMASS @ Boston
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

As a new student to the College, you are bound to have questions. New Student Orientation is designed to help the answers those questions and provide you with important information about campus resources, programs and services. At the conclusion of orientation, you will leave with valuable information pertinent to your academic and personal success as a Medgar College Evers student.
Additionally, New Student Orientation will provide you with a chance to meet other incoming Medgar Evers College students and build a network of resources that will help you to start your journey at the College on the right path.