Celebrating His Legacy

Medgar Wiley Evers, the namesake of this fine institution, would have celebrated his 91st birthday on July 2, 2016. Mr. Evers was born in Mississippi on July 2, 1925, which means that his birthday almost coincides with the nation’s celebration of its own birthday on July 4.  As the holiday approaches, let us celebrate both birthdays, mindful of Mr. Evers’ monumental contributions to our nation.  Mr. Evers was a civil rights legend who championed voting rights and the desegregation of the University of Mississippi.His brave life was ended by an assassin’s bullet at the age of 37 but his ideas live on -- at Medgar Evers College and the City University of New York, and in all who seek social justice.  In a world roiled by war, terrorism, and myriad conflicts, we would do well to reflect on and honor Mr. Evers’ perseverance, wisdom, and strength. Those qualities allowed him to endure repeated trials by fire and they keep his legacy burning bright.

Medgar Alums Give Back

They called it the Socialize-Empower-Engage-Network, S.E.E.N. for short. Loosely organized a couple of years ago by a group of MEC graduates, they went looking for a way to give back.

Medgar Evers College announces its first-ever Honors Program

Medgar Evers College proudly announces its first-ever Honors Program!  The Program shaped by MEC’s mission, provides a transformative education that prepares students for their future success in a global economy. The Medgar Evers College Honors Program will challenge students to become change agents in their professions, community, the city, and indeed the world. Students will be exposed to digitally infused curricula, academic mentoring in their discipline, and experiential learning opportunities: study abroad, internships. The Program is affiliated with the renowned National Collegiate Honors Council(NCHC), students and faculty will be able to present at national and international conferences as well as publish is NCHC journals and monographs.   The MEC Honors Program is designed to attract academically talented students and develop their ability to thrive in a diverse society.   Dr. Augustine Okereke, Senior Vice President and Provost exclaims, “the launch of the Honors Program marks a new era for academic inquiry that will challenge students to read, write, and think critically for the 21st Century.”   

Celebrating a Legend: Randy Weston

The legendary jazz master Randy Weston, a son of Brooklyn, was celebrated with song, dance, and conversation at Medgar Evers College on Friday. Fans of the pianist, composer and lecturer, whose career has spanned over 60 years, came to Founders Auditorium for the evening event. It was preceded by a private reception for Mr. Weston.

Support Orlando

By now all of you are aware of the tragedy in Orlando, Florida this weekend. In what officials are calling an act of terrorism, a gunman killed 49 people and injured 53 others in an early Sunday shooting at a nightclub. Many have labeled this a hate crime: the club in question was gay.  The horrific event in Orlando is now the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

Hubert Evans: Redefining what it means to Act Your Age

At 87, Mr. Evans earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies from Medgar Evers College this year, making him the oldest degree earner in 2016 at any City University of New York college.

The Future Starts Today - MEC Commencement 2016

Tell your story. Remember the lessons of Medgar Evers College. Exhale! Those were among the messages aimed at 1,100 graduates of Medgar Evers College last Friday at the 45th   annual commencement at Barclays Center.

MEC wins 1st Prize at CUNY Center for Student Entrepreneurship SmartPitch competition

For the first time ever, a Medgar Evers College student has won the CUNY SmartPitch Competition. Ashley Warmington, a Business major, won $10,000 at the May 20, competition for pitching her business idea, “Cozy Oasis.” It’s a home sublet concierge company that aims for five-star service for everyone involved in subletting – tenants, guests, landlords.

Women Leading in Mathematics

It started with rocks. Janelle Walker, a math major at Medgar Evers College, recalls collecting rocks and separating them into groups of twos and threes as a childhood game with her father and her sister. It was a fun way to learn addition, subtraction and division. Ms. Walker still loves math and is headed to Harvard University in June for its highly selective Summer Program in Biostatistics and Computational Biology.  

Persistence and Never Giving Up: The Journey of Two Students

Jessica-Gray Crumpley, the Associate Degree Scholar of 2016 at Medgar Evers College, was a busy wife and mother of two young girls when she had an epiphany one night about the urgency of time.   “I knew in order to change our means of living, there would have to be a change of lifestyle,” she said in a recent speech at the college’s 45th Annual Academic Awards Ceremony. The change:  enrolling in Medgar Evers College in the spring of 2014. Ms. Crumpley is already pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, after becoming a candidate for her Associate of Arts with a concentration in Psychology.

Remembering Derrick Griffith

   One year ago on this date we lost Dr. Derrick E. Griffith, who served as the Acting Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at Medgar Evers College. Dean Griffith was responsible for assessing and promoting student success, which was his life’s passion. He was a beloved figure at Medgar Evers College and we honor him with our memories of him today. Dr. Derrick E. Griffith will never be forgotten! Please use the form below to rekindle and share your fondest memories of Dr. Griffith. Selected messages will be added to the tribute page. Read about his legacy.

The Sky is the Limit

“The sky is the limit,” was the message the Honorable Dr. Keith Rowley, the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, recently brought to what he called “all the young people of the Caribbean diaspora in Brooklyn.” He made his remarks as the keynote speaker Thursday evening at Medgar Evers’s inaugural International Education Awards Ceremony. The event recognized supporters of international studies at Medgar Evers and drew more than 500 people to the Founders Auditorium.

Medgar Evers College participates in the International Competition for Entrepreneurs (ICE)

Medgar Evers College will have two teams participating in the International Competition for Entrepreneurs (ICE) in Montego Bay, Jamaica on May 5th through May 7th. Medgar Evers is the first Predominantly Black Institution (PBI) to participate in the competition on-site.

Medgar Evers College represents CUNY at the New York Business Plan Competition in Albany

The 2016 New York Business Plan Competition takes place in Albany, NY today.  Medgar Evers College will represent the City University of New York (CUNY) with a total of six teams participating in the event.  

2016 Commencement Speaker - Donna Brazile

Medgar Evers College is honored to welcome Donna Brazile as the 2016 Commencement Speaker.

MobilizeGreen held their second annual Conference and Diversity Career Fair

On April 7 – 8, MobilizeGreen held their second annual Conference and Diversity Career Fair in Seattle, Washington at the University of Washington and had the pleasure of inviting a few of Medgar’s STEM students; Nathalie Breary (Environmental Science major), Kimberly James (Biology major, minoring in Chemistry), Sandra Fenelon (Biology major) and Janelle Walker (Mathematics major, minoring in Environmental Science). The students departed New York on Wednesday, April 6th and returned Saturday morning, April 9th.