Medgar Evers College Approved to Offer BFA Degree

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Medgar Evers College has just received word that the Governor has approved its Master Plan Amendment and can offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree. The B.F.A program, set to start Spring 2018, will be the first ever arts degree program offered by Medgar Evers College.  The distinctive program will analyze the postmodernist definition of media and performing arts by exploring the evolving relationship between media, the arts, and technology in the 21st century. The degree program will prepare students to compete in the new, and developing field, of Media and the Performing Arts.

(Update: The BFA program was featured on Spectrum NY1 on November 30, 2017)

From Spike Lee’s “40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks,” introduced in the early 1980’s in Fort Greene, to the Barclay Center opening in 2012, Brooklyn stays in the forefront of change in media and the arts. Medgar Evers will continue in that tradition by providing opportunities in central Brooklyn for the next generation of artistic directors, speech and play writers, film and video directors, post production editors, digital set designers and multi-media contributors.

Through its faculty, and curriculum, the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program will give students a solid foundation in communication arts with media infused with cutting edge technology.  It will develop the student’s artistic expression and enable them to translate their craft in digital form.  Moreover, through various institutional affiliations such as the Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Museum of Art and Brooklyn Academy of Music, students will experience learning opportunities in some of the most notable artistic institutions in the state of New York.

“This will give our students interested in fields where media and technology connect a competitive edge in a global market,” said MEC President Rudolph F. Crew.

“The BFA is a major milestone for the College, it will give our students a rich integrative curricula and strong experiential learning to be applied toward existing and emerging fields in the arts,” said Senior Vice President & Provost Augustine Okereke.

This degree program further facilitates Medgar Evers College’s effort to fulfill its mission in the Central Brooklyn community as set forth by its founders in 1970. To this end, the BFA degree will combine the abundant creative talent and skills in our current and future student population and bring them together in a unique learning experience.