Welcome to MEC

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Welcome to the Medgar Evers Family and the Fall 2017 semester.  I trust that the summer was refreshing and that you come to campus re-invigorated and ready for the new school year. Whether you are returning or new to our family, I can promise that the semester ahead will be a time of excitement and challenge.

Always remember that the hallmark of our educational experience here is personalized attention. Whether you are a student or a new member of our faculty or staff, never hesitate to reach out for the information or support that you need.

Meet the Family

New Students

We welcome the very first cohort of students in the new Honors Program.  These students will have a special opportunity for experimental learning and to find mentors in their disciplines.  As always, there are many opportunities for students to join clubs, obtain internships, and travel abroad.

New Faculty

Our new faculty will find that they have joined a group of scholars who not only bring energy and talent to their disciplines but also a rare dedication to their students and to the wider community. I welcome you and all the wonderful returning faculty members who elevate this institution each and every day.

New Staff

Welcome to new and returning members of our staff. All of you literally keep the place running – the computers would not function, the facilities would not be kept clean, the paperwork would not be completed without your efforts and expertise. 

Join the Medgar Evers Family

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