The Office of Human Resources

The mission of the Office of Human Resources is to provide positive leadership for human resources programs and deliver the highest quality services possible to its constituents.


The Office of Human Resources will:

  • Provide the full range of employment service and support to campus departments for instructional staff and classified service positions;
  • Provide information and counseling on health and welfare plans and retirement programs;

  • Provide support to faculty and staff in processing benefits and personnel transactions;

  • Provide consultation on classification reviews and job descriptions;

  • Provide assistance to departments in the recruitment and selection of instructional staff and classified service staff;

  • Provide support for the College affirmative action commitment to hire qualified individuals with disabilities and applicants from under-represented groups;

  • Provide staff development service and counseling for non-teaching instructional staff and classified service staff;

  • Develop and interpret human resources information systems.
Children on Campus

The college has an obligation to its students, faculty, staff, and visitors to conduct its operations and maintain its facilities in a manner consistent with its mission as an institution of higher education. For this reason, young children who are not registered in the child care center should not be brought to the campus, and, of course, may not attend classes with their parent or guardian.

There may be occasions when brief visits by children of students may be necessary. Children may visit college offices and facilities, other than classrooms, for limited periods of time when their parent or guardian is conducting routine business at the college. Regular repeated visits by children are not permitted.

In no case are children permitted in labs, shops, construction/repair sites, or other areas where potential hazards exist.

Children brought on campus must be directly supervised at all times by their parent or guardian.

Civil Service Exam

2017 - 2018 Exam Year

Notice of ExamsExam #Exam DateFeePosting TypeFiling PeriodApply Online

Campus Peace Officer




Open Competitive

3/1/17 - 3/30/17



Campus Security Assistant




Open Competitive

1/4/17 - this is a conituous recruitment position







Open Competitive




Supervisor Electrician (CUNY)





10/5/16 - 10/25/16



College Security Specialist




Open Competitive

5/2/16 - 5/31/16


The City University of New York actively promotes Equal Employment Opportunity
and complies with all applicable employment laws and regulations.
CUNY Voluntary Savings Plan

Employees have an option to supplement their retirement savings by enrolling in a Retirement Savings known as a 403(b) Tax Deferred Annuity (TDA) Plan, or in one of the other voluntary retirement savings plans.

Plan enrollment can take place beginning January 2016, and you can change your contribution amount twice a year.
Please click here to learn about your eligibility to participate in a Tax Deferred Annuity.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

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