Financial Aid Eligibility and Withdrawing from Class

It is important that all students discuss with the Office of Financial Aid if they are intending to drop or withdraw from classes.  Dropping and/or withdrawing may impact your Financial Aid awards.

As required by the Title IV Higher Education Act, students who totally withdraw from classes are subject to Return to Title IV (R2T4) calculations. The R2T4 process does not take the place of long standing Federal regulations and only applies after the college has made the determination that a student is eligible to receive Federal aid. 

One of the critical elements for Federal aid eligibility is a confirmation that a student began attendance.  The R2T4 process is dependent upon the college’s determination that students are no longer in attendance.

However, students must be aware of critical dates in order to determine how much Federal aid they are entitled to when they withdraw or stop attending all of their classes. The following forms of withdrawal can impact your Financial Aid.

Official Withdrawals

Dropped Courses (Refund Period)

Unofficial Withdrawals

Combination of Withdrawal Grades

Never Attended Grades

Grade Changes

All R2T4 calculations will be performed by the Office of Financial Aid based on Federal regulations. Any students subject to the R2T4 calculations as a result of official or unofficially withdrawing may be subject to tuition liability as well as liability for unearned Financial Aid. Please consult with the Office of Financial Aid if you have any questions.