Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Appeal Instruction

Every student who has failed to achieve SAP standards has the ability to appeal the denial of financial aid.

To appeal:

  • You must submit this form and attach supporting documentation to the Advisement Center
  • This form can only be accepted if it is legible typed preferred, includes required documentation, and is signed.
  • You may only submit one appeal per academic year.
  • You may only re-appeal if you have an alternate reason for failing SAP standards.
  • The SAP committee typically renders a decision within two weeks of when the SAP appeal is received.
  • The decision will be sent to the student via email.
  • If approved, an academic plan may follow and must be reviewed and submitted back to the Advisement Center with a signature of approval from the student.

If assigned an Academic Plan

If the SAP committee approves your SAP appeal the student will be emailed an Academic Plan.

  • The Academic Plan is designed to lead the student back to SAP standards.
  • The student must commit to the academic plan by signing off on the requirements listed in the plan.
  • At the end of each semester, the SAP committee will determine whether or not the student successfully completed the academic plan.

If you FAIL to meet the requirements of the Academic Plan by the end of each semester

  • You will not receive Federal Student Aid funding for the upcoming academic year.
  • We highly suggest students meet with their academic Advisor to review the newly designed academic plan if applicable.
  • While the student is working towards satisfactory academic progress, he or she is on SAP probation which discourages a student from withdrawing or receiving any failing grades.
  • If the Academic Plan is not returned at an appropriate time with a signature of agreement then federal aid will not be reinstated.

PLEASE NOTE: The submission of this appeal does not guarantee the student will receive Federal funds. Please satisfy all tuition charges with the office of the Bursar as submitting a SAP appeal does not secure your classes from cancellation. For further information or additional questions regarding the appeal application please refer to our website or contact the Office of Financial Aid at 718-270-6141, 6132 or email

Aid that maybe affected by SAP

  • Federal PELL Grant
  • SEOG
  • Work-Study
  • Federal Loans- Direct & Perkins Loan