The mission of the Bursar’s Office is to provide timely and accurate billing to students and to ensure that payments are received and properly applied to each student’s account in an efficient manner. It is necessary that all policies and procedures regarding student financial aid are followed and in compliance with state and federal government regulations. We are also responsible for the collection of delinquent accounts, issuing refunds, ensuring the timely deposit of funds, and the disbursement of payroll. We provide friendly, courteous, and professional service to students, faculty, staff and others associated with the College. We are continuing to look for ways in which to increase performance and improve quality, in order to provide the best service possible to our customers. 

Commit to a Successful Academic Year 

The Bursar’s office is committed to student’s success and advise all students to make that same commitment and enroll and complete their FAFSA early. Enrolling early and taking advantage of early registration guarantees a seat in the classes you need. Completing the FAFSA application early, even if you think you are ineligible, is necessary as it is a prerequisite to obtaining any school loan. The FAFSA application is available on January 1 of every year, so apply early and visit the Financial Aid Office to check your status in the event you need to resolve any verification issues before the semester begins. 


MEC Students FYI: CUNYFirst provides you with all of the information formerly found on a Bursar receipt. Simply access CUNYFirst’s student center. Because of the paperless feature that CUNYFirst provides, Bursar receipts will no longer be distributed. However, should you need one for your employer or any other reason, feel free to make your request at the Bursar Office, room S-308 or call one of the contact numbers listed below.   Please allow for a 48 hour processing time.

Additionally, please allow 48 hours after you enroll, before you can view your anticipated financial aid on your CUNYFirst account.

For all payment and account inquiries, please contact:

P: 718-270-6094
P: 718-270-6095
P: 718-270-6093
P: 718-270-6091
P: 718-270-6130
P: 718-270-6078

For third party billing inquiries, please contact: 

P: 718-270-6084


Student Accounts Office Room 308A
Hours of Operation 

Monday to Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Cashier Windows Room 308
Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Friday
9:00 AM- 4:45 PM
Wednesday, Thursday
9:00 AM – 6:45 PM