What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

The decision today to rescind the DACA or “dreamers” program, which protects young undocumented immigrants from deportation, will bring hardship and heartbreak to thousands in our great city.  We at Medgar Evers College are at the center of this disturbing development. Unless Congress takes action, the impact of no new applications from undocumented immigrants being accepted under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) will be devastating for our campus, community and country.

Despite today’s repeal I personally stand with DACA students at MEC and “dreamers” everywhere.  We are a great nation because of the contributions of immigrants – voluntary and involuntary, documented and undocumented.  No one in our country should be judged by their country of origin or their legal status. Here at MEC, we can offer anyone concerned about DACA both empathy and a range of information about local resources. Here at MEC, we believe in everyone’s right to achieve the American dream.

The City University of New York response appropriately addresses the DACA crisis: “CUNY, with the backing of TheDream.US, has been a leader in providing private support to DACA students, and will continue to provide the financial support they need to succeed in college. CUNY Citizenship Now! provides the nation's most extensive university-based legal support program for immigrants and its experts are ready to advise our DACA students.”

I strongly reaffirm that statement.  Medgar Evers College, in the spirit of its namesake, stands ready to uphold DACA as a call for social justice and equity.