Hon. Roger L. Green
Hon. Roger L. Green, was appointed a Distinguished Lecturer at Medgar Evers College within the City University of New York in 2006. From 1981-2005 he served as an elected member of the New York State Assembly. During his tenure in the State Legislature Green was widely acknowledged as an expert on educational reform and children and family policies. Green served as the Chair of the Committee on Science and Technology, the Committee on Children and Families and the Joint Budget Conference Committee on Human Resources. A longstanding advocate of civil and human rights, Green worked within the legislative process to enact numerous laws that reflected his commitment to these principles. In addition to his responsibilities as the Executive Director of the DBC, Green is a professor of Public Administration and the publisher of the soon to be released Solutions Journals.

John Flateau, Ph.D.
A Senior Fellow and co-founder of the DuBois Bunche Center, Dr. Flateau is a Professor of Public Administration, and he received his Ph.D in American Politics and Public Policy from the City University of New York Graduate Center.  Dr. Flateau was Chief of Staff to Mayor David Dinkins; Senior Vice President of the NYS Urban Development Corporation; Dean of the School of Business, and Dean of Institutional Advancement at Medgar Evers College. He also served as a Commissioner, of the NYC Districting Commission; Advisor to the NYS Legislative Advisory Task Force on Demographics and Reapportionment; Chairperson of the US Census Advisory Committee on the African-American Population; and Executive Director of the NYS Black and Hispanic Legislative Caucus.  He is a generalist and strategic thinker, with expertise in urban policy, economic development, voting rights, legislative redistricting, census demographics, campaigns and elections, diversity management, and governmental processes.  Dr. Flateau is a published author, media commentator, and public speaker; and strategist and advisor to federal, state and local officials; community and clergy leaders; minority and women businesses, corporations, and institutions; and immigrant, civil rights, non-profit and worker organizations

Hon. Major Owens
Hon. Major Owens served as a member of congress representing Central Brooklyn from 1983 to 2005. As a senior fellow for the DuBois- Bunche Center he brings a wealth of expertise that was cultivated as a result of the leadership that he provided during his tenure as a New York City Commissioner, or State Senator and a member of the United States House of Representatives. Congressman Owens is widely respected for his lifelong commitment to reduce poverty in the United States and throughout the developing world.  He is also respected for his legislative leadership which fought to eliminate barriers to educational opportunity. A librarian by profession Congressman Owens was honored with the Kluge Fellow for Scholars at the Library of Congress upon his retirement from the United States House of Representatives.

Voices in the Public Interest
The staff, senior fellows and associates of the DuBois Bunche Center are available for speaking engagements at conferences and for commentary on radio and television. For more information call   718-512-8636 or e-mail DBpolicy@mec.cuny.edu.

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