Census Information Center

The CIC is an official repository of the Census Bureau that disseminates data and as- sists in understanding and use of data by the community. It has a unique relation- ship with members of underserved communities and has an understanding of their needs and interests. CIC provides the Census Bureau greater access to and feedback from these communities in the conduct of the Census Bureau’s mission of data collec- tion and dissemination. Through its agree- ment with the Census Bureau, the CIC has access to a wide variety of Census Bureau products, information, and services for use in data access and dissemination activities to underserved communities. CIC is co- directed by Dr. Emmanuel Egbe, Dr. Zulema Blair, and Dr. John Flateau.

U.S. Census Advisory Committee on the African American Population

Also of note, Dr. Flateau currently serves as Chair of the U.S. Census Advisory Com- mittee on the African American Population, appointed by the US Commerce Secretary and elected by his peers. In this ca pacity, he draws extensively on the resources and expertise of the CIC and DBC.

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