Medgar Evers College is proud to offer four academic centers through the School of Professional and Community Development, which enrich the student experience. The different centers focus on advocacy as well as research, and are responsible for major contributions to groundbreaking initiatives and policy changes.

Caribbean Research Center

Through its research efforts, the Caribbean Research Center provides a multidisciplinary understanding of the New York social environment, the diverse social, cultural and economic characteristics of the Caribbean-American community

Center for Black Literature

Institutions representing and supporting the literature created by Black writers are disappearing in this country. In what some deem as a post-racial society, the question of the need for a Center for Black Literature arises

DuBois Bunche Center

The Dubois Bunche Center for Public Policy (DBC) is an academy of scholar activist and advocates dedicated to forging solutions to the challenges confronting people of color living within urban communities.

Center for Law & Social Justice

The mission of the Center for Law and Social Justice is to provide quality legal advocacy, training, and research on racial justice issues affecting people of African descent, and persons who are under-served