Office of Administration and Finance

The Office of the Vice President and Administration and Finance at Medgar Evers College delivers support and leadership to all of the College’s administrative and financial units. This includes: accounting, facilities operation management, human resources, financial aid, payroll, purchasing, public safety, and technology. In addition, the Office ensures that every unit it oversees fulfills its administrative and academic goals through an emphasis on efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. The office is also responsible for oversight of the financial affairs of the Research Foundation, the MEC Educational Foundation, the Ella Baker Children’s Center, Auxiliary Enterprises and the College Association.

The Office is here to enhance the mission of Medgar Evers College by determining efficient ways to provide teaching and administrative resources to our students, faculty, and staff.  

Public Safety

Administrative Reports & Policies


The Medgar Evers College Public Safety Department is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for our college community. We are committed to delivering excellent safety and security services in a professional and responsible manner while supporting college goals.

Message from the Chief of Public Safety

Dear Medgar Evers College Community,

Welcome to the Medgar Evers College Department of Public Safety website. It is my intention that this site develops into a valuable resource that will greatly benefit the campus community.

We are committed to providing the highest level of professional campus security and public safety services that help foster a safe learning and working environment. We aim to achieve our public safety objectives by becoming involved with those we serve, building collaborative partnerships and working as a team.

Our department has responsibilities in all aspects of campus security and public safety, including, but not limited to, access control, incident response, crime prevention, campus photo ID card program, physical security, law enforcement, investigations, fire safety and emergency response.

As we advance, it is my hope that our services and programs will strengthen our connection to the community we serve and together we can achieve our educational goals.

Thank you for helping us make Medgar Evers College a safe community and a great place to work.
Victor Stevens
Director of Public Safety

Comptroller's Office

The Mission of The Comptroller’s Office

To provide general accounting services for student accounting and related entities. To provide the most efficient and effective services to students, faculty, staff, administration and others through the productive and dynamic management of the college’s business-related and financial areas/activities.

Comptroller’s Message

The Comptroller’s Office provides the College with the most efficient and effective services to students, faculty, staff, administration and others through various administrative support services. The Comptroller’s Office ensure sound financial and business practices and participates with the ongoing review and oversight of the functions of General Accounting, Accounts Payable, Auxiliary Services, Bursar, Central Receiving, Mail Services and Reprographics.


Accounting Policies & Procedures Manual

Medgar Evers Related Entities Policy Revised 11-30-17.pdf 

Property Management

Our mission is to serve the MEC community by tracking and logging the location of the College's inventorial assets while complying with the University's policies and procedures and adhering to New York City's, State and Federal regulations.

The Department of Property Management is designed to function as the property control focal point of Medgar Evers College under the guidance of the Vice President- Administration & Finance .  The Department of Property Management (PM) is committed to providing means for the accurate documentation of newly purchased items in the University's inventory control system, the deletion of declared surplus items for disposition within accordance of State/Federal/CUNY regulations, providing efficient and effective means for risk management and space utilization strategies, and carrying out the recycling program as required by CUNY/State/Federal guidelines. 

The entire College community is responsible for safeguarding property and fixed assets.  User departments are responsible for the stewardship and whereabouts of the fixed assets (furniture and equipment) within the department. College administrators are responsible for ensuring all applicable departments to comply with the inventory procedures, in order for Colleges to maintain correct records for property being properly utilized, maintained or disposed.

The Property Management staff will maintain accurate, up-to-date records by utilizing the City University of New York's Property Management database (CUNYFIRST) and follow our internal procedures in order to satisfy the MEC's requirements and maintain CUNY standards. The Property Management Office responsibilities include:

  • Establishing internal policy and procedures.
  • Identification and tagging of equipment.
  • Inputting, updating, and generating reports from the college database (CUNYFIRST)
  • Maintaining the integrity of the database.
  • Reconciliation of property records with college, Tax Levy, Non-Tax Levy, Research Foundation, Dormitory Authority, Tech Fees, and Capital Funds financial records.
  • Coordination of the disposition of college equipment.
  • Conducting annual inventory.
  • Monitoring Property Removal Passes for Equipment Move or Disposition.
Purchasing and Procurement

The mission of the Purchasing Office is to facilitate best practices and achieve economies of scale in the procurement of goods and services necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the College and that such goods and services represents best value, quality services, and timely delivery. To ensure that all funding sources for such goods and services are expended within the regulations and guidelines mandated by the State, and City of New York, and The City University of New York while maintaining and enforcing compliance with internal control procedures.

The Purchasing Office will conduct business to facilitate the College’s mission in interest of the State and its tax payers with the highest level of customer service, ethical standards, fairness, and transparency, while welcoming qualified, responsible, and “green” vendors. 

Message from Purchasing and Procurement

Our mission is congruent to that of the College. We firmly believe in the institutional CORE Values: honesty, integrity, respect, community service. Each day is an opportunity to incorporate these values to achieve College strategic goals in the acquisition of goods, services and technology for the academic and administrative departments of the College.

Using our in depth knowledge and skills, we hope to provide you with the guidance and service whilst practicing the values and guiding principles enforced through in the State Finance Laws and the City University of New York (CUNY) Procurement Regulations governing the procurement process. The most significant onesare professionalism, transparency, accountability, impartiality and ethics.

Recently, along with our sister campuses, we implemented the robust Oracle PeopleSoft Procurement System. This system empowers you to effectively manage your Tax Levy or IFR Account(s) to procure the resource tools and supplementary materials to fulfill your needs. This tool, coupled with the guidance available on our site is the ideal recipe for operational efficiency and customers’ satisfaction.

Budget Office

The Budget Office is responsible for the administration of the College’s financial systems, including developing, evaluating and monitoring the College’s annual operating budget. Our mission is to maintain timely and accurate budget and expense data, with which we keep senior management, department heads, and the College community as a whole abreast of expenditure trends and variances.  Our goal is to ensure the college maximizes its resources within the limits set by the State and University.

Director of Budget Office

Many thanks for visiting Medgar Evers College’s Budget Office page. I urge you to explore all of the different resources and functions that are a part of the Budget Office.

The Budget Office maintains accountability for all of Medgar Evers financial accounts by preparing and analyzing the annual operating budget for review by the Vice President of Administration and Finance, State and City agencies. We also assist in special projects assigned by the Office of the President.

Units seeking additional information about their individual budgets can access their budgets through SharePoint.

Thank you,

Facilities Management

Dave Adebanjo, Assistant Vice President

Reporting to the Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of Finance and Administration, the AVP serves as the College’s senior executive responsible for the direction, planning, coordination, maintenance, capital improvements and administration of the campus buildings, infrastructure and grounds. This 24/7/365 department is comprised of three direct reporting units to keep the buildings and grounds running and the necessary improvements:

Buildings & Grounds

Brian Clarke, Chief Administrative Superintendent

Number of Staff: 80
This unit is responsible for the cleaning, preservation, maintenance, repairs, event set-ups and alterations of the college’s physical plant, environment and grounds. Eleven professional trades, custodians and office staff work to provide a clean, safe, accessible, sustainable environment to enhance learning, teaching and research.

Campus Planning & Construction Management

Michelle Williams, Facilities Planning Director

Number of Staff: 4
The professional staff, which includes a Campus Architect, Construction Project Manager, and Office Assistant, is responsible for short and long-range planning, capital construction, funding requests and in-house renovations. Currently over $83 million in capital projects in the programming, design or construction phases; numerous in-house projects are also underway to bring this campus to state-of the-art.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHSO)

Mohamed Bangura, Officer

Number of Staff: 1
EHSO is responsible for providing a healthy and safe environment using federal, state and city regulations as guidelines pertaining to environmental, occupational health and safety issues, and achieved through facility audits, investigations, training programs and educating the community.

Facilities Statistics

BuildingsGroundsMaster Plan
4 Owned:   547,125
14 Portables:
2 Leased:   16,103
Total: 580,490 GSF
Parking lots: 4
Plazas: 4
Total acreage: 7.4
Date: 1995
Approved:576,747 NASF
Existing: 316,036 NASF

The Reprographics team works diligently to meet the printing needs of the faculty and staff at Medgar Evers College. We value our service to the community and urge you to contact us if you have any comments, questions, and/or suggestions.

Print Shop Pro

With the leadership of Herbert Edwards and Reynard Doyley of IT, Print Shop Pro was launched for all MEC users during the Fall 2014 semester. Print Shop Pro is a user friendly software that allows MEC faculty and staff to order all of their MEC related print material. The software streamlines orders ensuring timely completion, proper charges for individual departments, and helps the Repro team in remaining true to the MEC Go Green Initiative.

Risk Management & Internal Control

The primary mission of the department is to identify and mitigate operational risks. The department also has responsibility for certain ongoing risk management initiatives such as MEC’s business continuity programs.

 The department administers many of the college’s relations with external audit bodies as well as conducting our own targeted assessments.

Our department functions as a consulting center, especially for issues identified through its risk management and audit activities. The department will also at times provide operational support to areas experiencing staffing turnover or change in management and/or challenges in planning succession.

Message from Executive Director

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors expect our campus to operate efficiently, in compliance with regulations, and safely deliver the educational experience for our students and all other stakeholders.

We are committed to avoiding financial and reputational losses that may arise due to improper procedures, lack of training, preparedness and/ or inadequate controls.  The Department also seeks to reduce operating costs by identifying opportunities for improving operational efficiency. 

We welcome the sharing of any observations related to risk identification or operational efficiency that our many stakeholders may have.

On behalf of our team and our many partners, we thank you for allowing us to join you on your Medgar Evers journey.

Environmental Health & Safety

As Director of the Office Environmental Health and Safety at Medgar Evers College, I am committed to the health and safety of our faculty, students, staff, and visitors. The office is here to serve the college community and provide a safe learning and working environment.

The office also serves as the repository for all environmental health and safety compliance documents required by government regulatory agencies.

  • Permits
  • Licenses
  • Certificate

We are responsible for compliance with local, state and federal agencies. The office complies with regulations from:

  • United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • New  York State Department of Environmental Conservation
  • New York City Department of Environmental Protection
  • Public Employee Safety and Health Bureau

The office maintains compliance through:

  • Proper management of hazardous materials and hazardous waste
  • Preventing the release of chemicals into the environment
  • Managing the chemical inventory.

In addition to environmental compliance, the office is also responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our faculty, staff, and students. This is done by:

  • Providing the required health and safety trainings (such as Laboratory Safety and Hazard Communication Standard) to our faculty, students and staff who handle hazardous chemicals and other substances.
  • Responding to complaints
  • Conducting indoor air quality assessments, mold investigations and remediation, and accident investigations

I urge you to contact my office if you have any questions, concerns or feedback so that we can continue to respond to your concerns and provide you with prompt service .

Thank you,
Mohamed A. Bangura, MS