The Office of Academic Affairs: Student Complaint Process


The Senior Vice President/Provost, considers student appeals and/or complaints once all other attempts at resolution have failed. Be certain that you have contacted all departments and deans involved before seeking the Vice President’s intervention. If you have not already done so, please review the Campus Catalogue and Student Handbook to familiarize yourself with the College’s policies and procedures as they relate to your problem.

The guidelines below are required to submit your claim:

Your letter must be typewritten with the details of your problem stated as clearly as possible. Your letter must outline your efforts to resolve the matter. Your letter must be signed and should include your current mailing address, all telephone numbers, email addresses, and student identification number. When applicable, please provide supporting evidence in original form to corroborate your claim; originals will be returned to you. Please address your letter to:

Dr. Augustine Okereke
1650 Bedford Ave. Suite 3010
Brooklyn, New York 11225

Your letter may be mailed or sent by fax to (718) 270-5177. You may also submit your scanned letter and documents via email to

If your appeal concerns withdrawal from class, please make certain that you have already visited and have been advised by a representative from the Office of the Registrar.

Once your letter of appeal is received by the Office of the Vice President, an investigation of your claim is initiated. That process includes requesting reports from the Offices of the Financial Aid, Registrar, and in some cases, from the dean of your school or college.

 Once all reports have been received, the Vice President will review the findings and make a final decision. The decision will be sent to you in writing. Please call (718) 270-5010 if you have questions.