Grades First

GradesFirst is a web-based student performance monitoring and retention system that provides students with access to automated student services and enhanced personal communication with faculty, advisors, tutors, and university support services.  GradesFirst Early Alert will also be used by faculty and members of the college’s support services community to identify students at-risk to issue early alerts.  With GradesFirst,


  • Will have Anytime/Anywhere 24-hour access from any mobile computing or computing device.
  • Can view their schedule, final grades, progress reports and email instructors.
  • Can schedule appointments online with an advisor or tutor.
  • Can communicate with your advisor(s), tutors and support staff.
  • On Facebook, you can use the GradesFirst Facebook App to access GradesFirst.


  • Can now identify students needing extra help and alert students and their advisors. Advisors can then assist students with supplemental academic support, tutoring and referrals.
  • Email or send messages to students.


  • Can upload their availability online.
  • Will be able to use the text message function and email to communicate with students.

 For questions, please contact Karen Mitchell at: 718.270.5043