Welcome to Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center (AAC) supports the mission of the College through the provision of a comprehensive advising program from sophomore status through graduation. Students with 31+ credits will work with professionally trained advisors through graduation.  Our advising philosophy takes a developmental approach, stresses the advisor-student relationship, emphasizes the active role of students in developing an academic plan that reflects their skills and interests, and is consistent with their academic and professional goals.

The Center’s motto, “Preparation, Professionalism, Dedication” guides our intrusive advisement methodology and provides for initial review, follow-up, continued outreach and appropriate interventions, resulting in streamlined continuity and student retention.

The AAC provides Curricular Advisement, Academic Policy review, DegreeWorks review/audits, CUNYFirst registration information, Graduation audits & Evaluation, Program changes, Tap course review, Academic Petitions, and Appeals, Probation Dismissal review, and Liaisons to Academic departments.  We welcome your educational needs.