Filing for graduation

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All prospective graduates are required to meet with their academic advisor prior to submitting the graduation application package to the Registrar's Office. Each student should submit a packet to their advisor in the Center for Academic Advising and Student Success (CAASS) (Rm. S-220) containing the following:

  1. A signed and completed stamped curriculum worksheet.

  2. A completed graduation application.

  3. A student copy of transcript.

  4. A complete graduating senior exit questionnaire.

  5. Any appropriate waivers and/or petitions.

Note: Any student wanting to file after the filing deadline will need permission from the Director of the Student Advocacy and Support Services Center.


The CAASS academic advisors will conduct the initial graduation certification review of degree candidates; and the Department Chairpersons will conduct the second review with an indication of the student's eligibility for graduation.


  • The Registrar's Office will notify students of their graduation eligibility status via mail.

  • The advisors will advise the ineligible students on how to complete their missing graduation requirements.


Once all of the grades have been submitted at the end of the semester, the Registrar's Office will conduct a final grade evaluation of the prospective graduates and send out the official letter conferring their degree.

  • The Registrar's office will only send out certification letters to students who have met all degree requirements.

  • The CAASS will contact all ineligible students via mail and phone for a review of their status


  • Participation in the Graduation Ceremony does not confirm a student's graduation from the College.

  • Ineligible students have to re-file an application (including a revised worksheet and filing fee) for graduation eligibility for the subsequent graduation period. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by the Director of the CAASS Center.

  • Degree honors and awards are based on the previous semester's grades.

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